Pink Movie Review | Double Minded Society Representation

Pink Movie Review - A Powerful Representation Of Our Double-Minded Society
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Shoojit Sircar’s production directed by Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury – Pink movie is the latest sensation in the world of Bollywood. It is one of those few brave mainstream films which focuses not on what happens in stories but on what is happening in the real world today. The bottom line is that when a girl says NO, she means NO. It doesn’t matter if she is your sister, mother or wife. When she says NO, you can’t force her to do anything against her wish.

Pink movie is about three working women. Minal (Taapsee Pannu), an events manager, whose work can extend into the late hours. Falak (Kirti Kulhari), who works in a corporate set-up where image is all. Andrea (Tariang), who live in a rented apartment in a posh South Delhi area. One night after a rock concert, they accept a dinner invitation from Rajveer (Angad Bedi), who is the nephew of a powerful politician, and two of his friends. All of them have fun and get drunk. Finding the opportunity, the boys separate the three girls from each other. Rajveer tries to take advantage of Minal and his friends do the same to her friends, despite their saying NO. In a fit of rage and self-defense, Minal picks up a bottle and smashes it on Rajveer’s head, leaving him furiously bleeding.

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The girls rush from there and try to pretend as if nothing has happened. To avenge his insult, Rajveer and his friends harass the girls and try to get them kicked out of their house. They leave no stone unturned in torturing the girls. When Minal decides to file a complaint, they kidnap her and exploit her sexually, just to threaten her. The lady officer does not register her complaint under the influence of Rajveer’s family. When Rajveer comes to know of this, he lodges a false complaint against the girls, labelling them as prostitutes, using his contacts. Minal is also charged for “Attempt to murder” and for soliciting, where she could face imprisonment for more than 10 years if convicted. The other girls are labelled as co-accused.

Pink Movie | A Powerful Representation Of Double-Minded Society

Pink Movie Review - A Powerful Representation Of Our Double-Minded Society

Deepak Sehgal (Amitabh Bachchan) is an ailing retired lawyer and neighbour of the three girls. After witnessing the trauma of the girls, he takes it upon himself to represent them in the court. What follows is how he fights against Rajveer and his family to release the girls from the false charges.

What clicks in the movie is the fact that it subtly highlights the loopholes of the country we are living in. Without beating around the bush, it draws attention towards the hypocrisy of our society. When a girl claims to have been sexually harassed, it is automatically assumed that she must have done something to provoke her harasser. She is termed as cheap, slut and whore if she wears short clothes, goes to a concert, smiles in a friendly way at guys, drinks with guys and has fun. But when guys do the same, they are termed as respectful citizens of our double-minded society. 

But while the film points out the double standards of the society in such a fantastic manner. It does not click is the fact that this film will never cater the audience it was made for. People who need to see this film, who should see this film, will never see it.

But overall the movie is a must watch. Sitting for two hours won’t seem so long and will definitely be worth it! Do watch it.